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Liquid 9030 Boiler Treatment Chemicals, 50 Litre

Liquid 9030 Boiler Treatment Chemicals, 50 Litre

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9030 Boiler Treatment Chemicals is a synergistic blend of inorganic and organic chemicals designed for the control of corrosion, sludge conditioner, and scale in boiler internals. The specific corrosion inhibitors in 9030 Boiler Treatment Chemicals provide corrosion protection by the formation of a protective passive film on the metal surfaces. The protective layer prevents direct contact with the corrosive media (water) with the metal surface. also contains powerful threshold inhibitor to prevent scale formation in feed water pipelines and boiler internals. The crystal distorter and specified dispersant incorporated in the product ensures high mobility of the phosphate sludge formed so that it is easily removed by blowdown. The dispersant also ensures that suspended particulate matter does not accumulate and are removed by the blowdown. AquaTreat 9030 is compatible with almost all products used in total boiler water treatment programmes.

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